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How Does It Feel To Ride An Electric Stateboard?

by David Nicula 2 min read


For me, riding an electric skateboard is 1,000 times more exciting than any electric scooter or bike. Maybe it’s because you have to work harder to balance, or the fact that all the power is directly under your feet. Whatever it is, if you’ve ever ridden an electric skateboard before then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s an exhilarating experience that is always exciting every time you step on to ride.

My first time on an electric skateboard was an an eye opening experience and I was instantly hooked. But I hated the fact that they were so expensive. Back in 2014, the newly released electric skateboard from Boosted Boards cost a whopping $1,200. Fast forward 6 years later to today, and electric skateboards are still insanely expensive. Just do a quick google search. I simply wanted something affordable, and there is not much on the electric skateboard market that's budget friendly.

Well if you can’t find it, build it. And build it I did. I invite you to take a ride on our new electric skateboard from our wallet-conscious brand, Electric Board Co. Introducing the Juiced Cruiser. It’s light. It’s portable. It can take you up to 5 miles per charge, and will cruise comfortably at 12 MPH. And best of all? It’s priced at just $250. 

Take it for a spin for 30 days, and if you don’t like it re-package it and ship it back for a 100% full refund. I built these electric skateboards to give you the same exhilarating ride and experience that I first desired, at a fraction of the cost. Because amazing experiences are much more enjoyable when they’re affordable.


-David Nicula,

Owner and rider at the Electric Board Company.